We all know that we have to grow our brand, through more awareness and reach, to increase sales or reach our ideal customers. But with the numerous technologies out there and social platforms, the question really becomes which to use and of course which is the easiest to break through with, whether it be because it’s time consuming or not financially sane. The answer becomes clear Facebook Live.

Well, one of the easiest platforms with the most reach is Facebook, then you add Facebook live to the mix and you now have one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience. Facebook Live helps you target your market with a billion users and counting and it’s by far the easiest way to reach your target market.

First things first – download the Pages App on your mobile.


Remember a personal page is ok to go live from on Facebook, however, we recommend a business page or fan page mainly because it has Analytics link to it and you are able to build Facebook Ads with the video after you broadcast it. When you have your pages application all set, choose the account you want to post under if you have multiple accounts in the pages app choose the one you want.

If you record with a DJI Osmo Mobile like we do, don’t forget to press LIVE to be able to choose an account other than your personal!

Also as far as equipment goes for entry-level broadcasting Facebook Live is a dream especially here in Barcelona, mainly because all you need is a mobile phone. However if you want to get a bit more quality, and honestly why not when it can be so cheap to increase the quality of your broadcast.  I would recommend these three things to drastically improve your Vlogging or Facebook live wherever it may be in the world that you want to stream live or record video.

The Rode VideoMic Me (for high-quality audio)
The Joby Gorillapod (plus a phone adapter which are cheap on Amazon, will help you stabilize your video)
The Aukey Lens Kit for mobiles (will help you get more of what you want on screen)




Quick tips for starting Facebook Live

  • Use the phone horizontally / widescreen.
  • Don’t forget to write a compelling description.
  •  Have a live introduction & quickly tell your viewers what the broadcast is about.

Writing an interesting description and catch the viewer’s attention, while also helping them understand what your broadcast is about. Also, don’t forget to check your wifi signal or 4G signal and make sure it’s strong and fast enough to broadcast Facebook live.

Suggestions while broadcasting on Facebook Live

  • Remember it doesn’t need to be perfect, viewers love honesty.
  • Ask viewers so subscribe to live notifications for the next time you go live!
  • Respond to comments live (it helps to talk to your audience)
  • Broadcasting for longer periods, longer than 10 mins is recommended to catch more viewers, even if you can record up to 90 mins.
  • Call to comment or encourage engagement (it helps span the reach of Facebook live)

While broadcasting don’t forget to encourage engagement because the more you have the more Facebook will span your reach.

After your Facebook Live Event

  • Add it to your timeline
  • Or save it to the camera roll (for use later)

View Analytics in the insights section of your Facebook fan or business page and see the metrics acquired by your live stream.  With your Facebook live event done, now you can breathe again! But remember that now you can advertise it or boost it, to reach your target market and create more awareness towards your brand!  

If you have any comments or further questions comment below!  Or if you need Facebook Live for your event contact us at MJCstudio.com

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